Visitor's Guide to DR:Colorado

Welcome to beautiful Colorado!

We love visitors!  Part of the fun of DR is being able to get to know more of our extended family from around the country.  Colorado is rich in history, amazing food, and of course – larping!  As we have had so many visitors, we wanted to give those of you coming up to the mile high city some suggestions for making your visit fun and enjoyable!

Is altitude sickness really a thing?

Yes.  I cannot stress this enough.  Altitude sickness affects everyone differently, you may not have any issues, or you may find yourself in need of more rest than normal.  Denver is 5280 ft above sea level and our sites are up over 8000 ft so there is significantly less oxygen in the air.  Every single event we have someone suffer from altitude sickness from locals to visitors.

A few things you should be aware of  –

  • You may find yourself short of breath
  • You may develop a headache after exertion
  • You may find yourself feeling dizzy
  • You may feel more irritable than normal (it will feel similar to being "hangry")
  • Altitude sickness is manageable with lots of water, making sure you pay attention to your body, and taking some Tylenol (which are always available in logistics or in medical)
  • Taking an extra day to acclimate prior to larping in the mountains helps many players. 

If you are not feeling well, please seek a marshal immediately or make your way to logistics or medical, there you will be given water and some time to rest.

Which Airport is the best to fly into?

Denver International Airport is a popular airport for Southwest, Frontier, and Spirit.  The cheapest flights will likely be into Denver, but you can also fly into Colorado Springs.

I want to drive in, should I be worried about snow?

Colorado is notorious for odd weather, especially in the spring.  Our worst snow months are generally January – April which means our weekend events are usually fine.  Be sure to check the weather prior to your departure.  

I’m visiting on a budget, do you have crash space?

Some of our players may have space!  Post to our Facebook Group if you’re looking for a place to crash.

Where are the best places to eat in and around Denver?

Denver is home to some amazing places to eat.  Our Coord Director (Juliet) considers herself a foodie and is always happy to make suggestions.  Here’s a good list to start from if you don’t feel like asking Yelp:

Amazing Burgers – Crave Burgers (Multiple Locations)

Pricey, but nice - Denver's "Must try" Eateries

Pour your own Craft Beer - First Draft

D-rector's Pick - Freshcraft (Reasonably Priced, in downtown but WELL worth it)

What is there to see and do in Denver?

Denver is a bustling young city filled with some of the fittest and most health conscious millennials you’ll find anywhere in America.  Our downtown is filled with amazing food, good museums, and a vibrant nightlife (happy hour is a thing here, though be very careful with libations – the altitude will make you a cheap date).

So… weed’s legal right?

Yes.  Weed in Colorado is legal, you’ll find the dispensaries here to be friendly, helpful, and educational.  If you would like to visit the recreational dispensaries, there is a map of their locations and hours here. 

As a reminder – Dystopia Rising: Colorado does NOT allow use of alcohol or drugs on our sites or at our events.  Should you choose to partake of our booming recreational market here, we remind you that it must be done outside of DR functions.  

Additionally, it is illegal to have any cannabis at Denver International Airport, and if you are driving home, officers in Kansas particularly have been known to check cars. 

Come here, have an awesome time, but please be considerate and law-abiding.  

Is there reliable public transportation in Denver?

Yes, Denver has excellent public transportation (including to and from the airport).  Additionally our city has both Uber and Lyft (some of our players are drivers for both).  Here’s a look at our Regional Transportation. 

I need a ride to the site, help!

Post to our Facebook Group and we should be able to hook you up!  We strongly recommend arranging rides well in advance of the event.

What are your local standards? 

Our local standards can be found on the Local Standards page

Can I reserve a cabin in game?

No, we do not allow bunk or cabin space reservations.  Cabins/bunks space can be reserved at 5pm, not beforehand.  Tent spaces can be reserved at 4pm, this is the earliest we allow players on the site.

What time am I allowed on site?

Players are allowed on site starting at 4pm to reserve tent spots.  Cabin/bunk campers are allowed on site at 5pm.  Spots cannot be reserved ahead of time and are on a first come, first served basis.

Where is your logistics located?

Logistics varies in location fro site to site.  Beaver Ranch's Logistics is in the same building as the saloon.

Where is "Listen Up"/"Opening Announcements"?

These always happen around the saloon, regardless of which site we are using.