Denver Standards and Expectations for Localized Play

Like most chapters, Denver has a few localized expectations.  These are not mechanical or community rules, but expectations based on how our branch runs due to locational restraints set by the various campsites we work with.  These standards apply only to Colorado, if you are traveling, please check with those local chapters.

Story Related Expectations

Dystopia Rising is a game of post-apocalyptic horror. Here in Colorado, we attempt to place a heavy focus on the horror aspect as well as some adult themes as they tread into territory of the terrifying. We explore concepts such as slavery, cannibalism, body mutilation and torture to name a few. The storytelling staff is very mindful of what it brings into game in terms of story and will always give players the ability to exit a scene or module should it be triggering. We are here to provide an entertainment, not scare our player base.


Dystopia Rising, as a network does not deal with the topic of sexual abuse in any fashion – it does not exist and will not be tolerated.

Medical Tent Use

In order to have a medical tent, you are required to discuss this ahead of time with the Coordination Director ( and have approval.   You must include the medical reason for the request as well as the paperwork to verify that you need to be able to sleep out of character.  Your tent must be marked with a green “X” on multiple sides of the tent and the tent MUST have glow sticks (green) affixed to the tent to clearly mark it at night.  Please bring your own Green duct tape and glow sticks for these tents.  These structures are out of play. 

Colorado utilizes medical tents as well as medical cabins for space constraint reasons.

Questions, concerns, request and clarifications can be sent to the Coordination Director.

Medical Cabin Use

The Medical Cabin is a designated space that is “Out of Play” for those who have medical reasons to need to sleep out of game.  In order to sleep in the medical cabin, you are required to discuss this ahead of time with the Coordination Director ( and have approval.   You must include the medical reason for the request as well as the paperwork to verify that you need to be able to sleep out of character.  Depending on the location DR:CO is using for a given event, the Medical  Cabin will move.  If you are unsure of the location, please report to logistics or pre-registration upon arrival and we will help you find your home.  The medical cabin will always have electricity, and will frequently be shared with staff, so it’s important that you let us know ahead of time if you need space in it.  The Pre-registration form contains a checkbox for those who need to stay in a med cabin.

Colorado utilizes medical tents as well as medical cabins for space constraint reasons.

Questions, concerns, request and clarifications can be sent to the Coordination Director.

Tenting and “Grace Periods”

In an effort to accommodate for our limited cabin space, we offer several perks to our tenters:

  • 20AP to all tent campers. (each person in the tent receives 20AP)  Please choose “tenting” in your pre-registration.  If you did not do so, please see logistics to get your AP award signed off on.
  • A “grace period” is offered to tenters between 2am and 7am where tenters will not be attacked in their tents.  This does not mean that you will not be roused by the sounds of things occurring outside your tent.

For particularly large games, we may offer additional incentives to tent campers.  Stay tuned to our FB page and the forums for additional perks.

If you are inside a tent, and you are going to be attacked by NPCs, a marshal will communicate with you from outside the tent, letting you know you have 60 seconds to depart the tent.  No NPCs are permitted to enter your tent.  If you do not exit your tent you will begin taking damage at the call of the marshal, eventually potentially entering bleed out.

Tenters who are staying near cabins must not block the cabin door, and must allow for a WIDE berth allowing for combat to still occur outside the cabin.  If a marshal feels the location is unsafe, they can call a hold and move the combat – and may request that you move your tent further away for safety reasons.   Guide lines MUST be clearly marked for safety reasons especially in front of cabins.  Tenters staying near cabins still receive 20AP.

No tents are allowed near the saloon, regardless of location for safety reasons and site restrictions.


Staying in a cabin means you can be attacked at any time with no warning.  Additionally, cabins are first come, first served save for a few rare occasions.  Updates will be posted to FB and the Forums

Groups of tents creating "compounds"

Tent Compounds" should be discussed with the Storytelling Staff and with Director approval, meeting certain conditions, can be treated as buildings which allow for mechanical effects, room augments, but in exchange for those things do NOT benefit from the grace period. Once settled upon these compounds will be kept on file with Logistics

Farming Locations

Farming locations must not be paved roads, dirt roads, or simply locations of convenience.  Our sites are filled with beautiful scenery, find a genre and realistically appropriate location to farm.

Physical Representations for tagged items

All items must be phys repped properly. This includes room augmentations and production tools such as tables and forges.

In character Logistics

Colorado's Logistics space is in character starting on Saturday morning going till game off on Sunday

PRODUCTION ITEMS/Tag Generation Standards

DR:CO follows the national standards for production items as described below.

Additional things you should be aware of: In character terms for the things in Colorado

NPC camp is generally referred to as the “warehouse”

Logistics was referred to as the Assayer’s Office (prior to the National Standard) but may also be called the Post Office.  The post office will indeed be inside the Assayer’s office for your convenience.

“Crafters may come to ops with ONE job per crafting session, where one job equals ONE Card, or THREE blueprints.”


  • If you are making components for an item as well as the item, that is fine as it will result in ONE card.  If you with to make additional components this constitutes an additional trip.
  • If you are making multiples of the same item and it results in only ONE card, you are fine.
  • The only exception to this is if a print, item or skill gives the specific benefit of making a second item. Like the Master Still which kicks out a random brew when crafting a CL 5 brew.  This would allow 2 cards as that is the benefit of the item.
  • Printers may only print 3 prints at a time.

Scrounging in Colorado

DR:CO loves props!  We use scrounge “pods” instead of just cards.  These pods must be picked up and Scrounged as usual per the rules, please bring us the pods at logistics!

Altitude Sickness in Colorado

Altitude sickness is a very real concern for visitors to DR:CO.  Every game we see several visitors (or even locals) impacted by this condition.  If you are feeling off (headache, nauseous, irritability, anxiousness, dizziness are all common symptoms) please come to the medical cabin or to logistics for some water and to relax for a few moments.

Weather in Colorado

Snow, Ice, and below freezing temperatures are a factor for our branch during the April and November games in particular.  Additional safety related requests may be made during those months.  We will attempt to post them ahead of time on FB and the forums, but sometimes we may have to make those clarifications at opening announcements.  These frequently include:

  • You are not permitted to drive your vehicle up the hill in Beaver Ranch without 4 wheel drive and snow tires.
  • Game may be called slightly earlier than normal if weather becomes unsafe.
  • Cancellations are highly unlikely but in the event of a blizzard (or the site making a call on our behalf) we may cancel a game.  We will make that call the Wednesday or the Thursday prior to the game at the latest

If the weather becomes too cold, please come into logistics.

Wildlife concerns in Colorado

DR:CO asks that if you are going anywhere alone outside of the more populated sections of play that you inform a marshal or fellow player out of character.  In the event that we need to do a headcount because of a wildlife sighting, we need to account for all players.

In Closing

Information on our locations can be seen on our locations page

Information tailored to our visitors from out of state can be found here

This set of clarifications is posted to help our players understand the specific expectations of our local branch.  Transparency of this information helps our local community ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Concerns, Questions, and Clarifications can be acquired by emailing