Starting Equipment

If you begin play with any of these skills on your sheet, you may go to logistics to receive your start up equipment.  All starter items have an 8 month expiration date and all brews and gizmos have 6 month expiration dates.  You ONLY receive this equipment at the start of play, NOT after buying said skill.

Starting Skill
Starting Item
Bolt Action Starter Shooter. 1 Handed. 3 Damage. Maximum Crafts 3
Bow Starter Bow, 2 Handed, 2 Damage, Maximum Crafts 3
Brawling Starter Knucks. 2 Handed. 1 Damage. Maximum Crafts 3
Brewing 2 Snake Oil Brews. Ingested. Heals 5 body.
First Aide Starter Crash Kit. 2 Handed. Causes First Aide to take 30 seconds.
Fishing Starter Fishing Pole (As per generic item creation). Used for Fishing
Melee Large Starter Melee Large. 1 or 2 hands. 2 or 3 Damage (by hands) Maximum Crafts 3.
Melee Small Starter Melee Small. 1 Hand. 2 Damage. Maximum Craft 3.
Melee Standard Starter Melee Standard. 1 Hand. 2 Damage. Maximum Craft 3.
Melee Two-Handed Starter Melee Two-Handed. 2 Hands. 3 Damage. Maximum Craft 3.
Shield Starter Shield. 1 Hand. Craft level 1. Bounce rate 5 damage.
Throwing Starter Thrown Weapons, Set of 6. One Hand. 2 Damage. Maximum Craft 3.
Throwing, Javelins Starter Throwing Javelins. Set of 1. One Hand. 3 Damage. Maximum Craft 3.
Trade Ties 2 uncommon herb or scrap. Herb has 6 month expiration.