DR: Colorado Strain Listing for 3.0

Please as a courtesy to your fellow players only submit your application if you are ready to play this character.

Open Approval:

The following strains may be played by anyone.  These strains require no background nor approval.

  • Diesel Jocks

  • Irons

  • Quiet Folk

  • Lascarians

  • Mericans

  • Natural Ones

  • Red Stars

  • Retrogrades

  • Rovers

  • Vegasians

Restricted Approval (Requires Background and Costuming approval from the Immersive and Visual Design Leads):

Restricted Approval strains must abide by the same high standards of role play and appropriate costume described in Limited approval strains to be allowed to continue in game.  Restricted Approval characters require an approved background before they will be considered for play.  Restricted approval character backgrounds must exemplify the players knowledge of Dystopia Rising genre and world materials:

  • All Elitariats (Digitarian, Pureblood, Solestros)

  • Yorkers

  • Full Dead

  • Semper Morts

  • Tainted

  • Accensorite

  • Unborn

  • Reclaimers

  • Remnants

Limited Population Approval (Requires Background and Costuming approval from the Immersive and Visual Design Leads):

Limited Approval characters must abide by high standards of role play and appropriate costume to be allowed to continue in game.  If you would like to portray one of these strains you must submit a background or concept to plot (drco.immersivedesign at gmail dot com) and create a costume that is true to the strain. 

  • Baywalkers (5/5 Available)

  • Unstable (5/5 Available)

What does capped mean?

Capped means that there are not currently slots available for these strains.

We have updated our Restricted Strains list as of the 2019 Season. Please remember that this list evolves with the course of story and the needs of our player base. Those who are already playing one of these Strains are grandfathered if there is a shift in their availability.

All Strains that are marked as limited or restricted must submit a background and costume images for approval and if applicable there must be a slot available for the Strain. The population of our player base governs limited and restricted Strains locally and so though you may be interested, there may not be a slot available at the time of submitting approval.

How do I get approval for Restricted and Limited?

Please fill in the form below to submit your concept to the Storytelling team

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In order to apply for these strains you MUST provide costuming descriptions, a pinterest board, or links to your active costume creation.
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You must have the requisite to meet Costuming requirements and approval from plot to portray these characters. Submitting this form is not an approval, merely the first step in this process. Plot reserves the right to deny any character concept.