Dystopia Rising Colorado - Strain List

Had a meeting with Michael last night, reviewed our genre guide and we are proud to present the Strain information for DRCO. When constructing a strain list, it is required to have a couple of Strains that are banned, and then some that are restricted, as to keep them rare in the area or because of roleplay considerations.

Anything not listed: Open for play

Uncommon (Requires 150AP): Full Dead

Uncommon (Requires 150AP): Semper Mort

Uncommon (Requires 150AP): Reclaimers

Restricted (Requires 300AP): Yorkers

Restricted (Requires 300AP): Baywalkers

Restricted (Requires 300AP): Diesel Jocks

Background (Requires approved background): Remnants
Background (Requires approved background and costuming): Genjain
Background (Requires approved background and costuming): Unborn

Banned: Saltwise - We are too far from the coasts for Saltwise to survive.
Banned: Solestors - The Strain just hasn't made its way out to this area of the Rockies.


Also, the Profession Psionist requires background approval.


If there are any questions about the above list, please drop me a line.


-Raymond Bruels

DRCO Storyteller