We want you to have fun creating a character to play at Dystopia Rising Colorado. To help you create them, we've provided some guidelines below to help you make your designs.

Some concepts are not appropriate for your characters under any circumstances, so we'll start there.


Characters physically or mentally under the age of 18. Dystopia Rising: Colorado is an 18+ branch of Dystopia Rising. This also applies to the types of characters who call this branch their home - those concepts must have a physical and mental age of 18 or older.

Concepts strongly influenced by Indigenous American cultures. These are real world populations with a rich and beautiful culture who have been oppressed historically and into the present day. No concepts emulating the native peoples of the United States will be allowed for play. For example, Natural Ones from this area are the descendants of survivalists or people of backgrounds beyond indigenous tribe members and their descendants. The Unborn of the region do not have a known or active connection to Mayan or Aztec ancestors. This includes being thoughtful when designing headgear, wearing face paint, and implementing armor or costuming.

Characters that are a parody or use parody of real world religion or spirituality. People of all religious backgrounds are welcome to play at Dystopia Rising: Colorado and we wish to respect those beliefs. Please do not include caricatures of modern day religions and beliefs in your character concept. Even those faiths that might seem to pull from real world religion as their influence should have a strong post apocalyptic feel to them.

Characters that use the Confederate flag in their costuming. The Confederate flag is an emotionally charged symbol for many. We have chosen to exclude its use or reference in the Dystopia Rising: Colorado setting. Please do not include this in your costuming in any form.

Use of modern military dress uniforms, honors, insignia, and flags. As a community with many veterans of the armed forces we recognize that these items have significant meaning. Use of modern military dress uniforms, medals, insignia, or flags is not permitted for costuming, setting or prop purposes. We define a flag in this context as anything modern or historically recognizable, a symbol or banner whose original intent was to be displayed on a flag pole or guidon. Paraphernalia related to the US Flag (clothing with stars and stripes, etc.) is permissible.

Background concepts that include sexual assault. As mentioned in our Ingredients List, this theme is not one explored in any chapter of Dystopia Rising. Please do not include this type of experience in your character’s concept or background.

Background concepts that include slavery. As mentioned in our Ingredients List, this theme is not one explored in any chapter of Dystopia Rising. Please do not include this type of experience in your character’s concept or background.

The following strains are available with out any costuming or background approval at Dystopia Rising Colorado.



The DJs of Lorado are varied and wild. The Rumble Road and trade hub that Fort Dedstop has become draws clans from all over the region. The Summer Sons and other clans consider Dedstop a prime way point to re-fule and refresh.



The Irons of the Lorado area have a complicated history. From the settlement of Iron Wood to the various enclaves of Farmers and Homesteaders the Irons of the region are strong and hardy.



Ya’know, it’s funny. We never saw them as anything other than the oddly laid back Mericans. They’ve sort of always been here, but it’s nice they’re getting some recognition now! The meek will inherit and all that.



The tribes of Lascarians around the area inhabit many of the abandoned mines and caverns that riddle the mountains. The biggest clan in the are are those of the ‘Power Company’ that occupy many of the old coal quarries around the area.



Mericans’ are one of the most populous peoples in the Lorado area. Farmers, Traders and mercenaries, almost all of them count ‘Mericans among their numbers.



The ancestors of Natural Ones were park rangers and military survivalists. These were the people who had learned to live off the land as hunters and gatherers and did it well. Natural Ones these days have become formidable when it comes to living off the land and surviving in the wilderness.



Distantly related to artists and naturalist commune survivors. The Red Star Cells in the Lorado area tend to be focused on agriculture and artisan-ship.



Lorado Retrogrades evolved on the fringes of the overgrowth where the radiation and plats mingle in weird harmony. While not overly common in the more populated areas of Fort Dedstop, they are none the less common enough that no one really bats an eye at their presence…



As a trade hub, Dedstop and the surrounding Lorado area host a large number of Rovers who call the mountains and overgrowth a home of sorts. Many of the large trade convoys that roll through the overgrowth to trade with the small settlements around Fort Dedstop are operated by hardy Rover families.



Mostly transplants from areas around Lorado, Vegasians tend to mostly call the fort and civilized surrounding areas home avoiding the more rural homesteads and outposts around the Overgrowth.



The largest population of Remnants in the Lorado area come from a settlement deep in the Overgrowth known most commonly as the Vail. Outside this you can find them scattered through out the populations of various communities and homesteads.



A Relatively new addition to the Lorado area unstable still tend to be rare in most populated areas. What role these new residents to the Lorado area will play has yet to be seen.

The Following Strains are Limited approval in Colorado. Limited Approval characters must abide by high standards of role play and appropriate costume to be allowed to continue in game. If you would like to portray one of these strains you must submit this form and create a costume that is true to the strain.



While new to the Lorado scene, Digitarians from the Iron Mountain and other enclaves have begun to flow into Fort Dedstop, joining many of the growing business organizations as researchers.



After the fall of the Familes many of the purebloods in the Lorado area moved to the Mile High City, leaving them much less common in and around Fort Dedstop then they used to be. The Mastersons and Carsons linger attempting to rebuild their empire from the dust and overgrowth but most of the other families have fallen from power.



A new financial power to the Lorado area the local Solestros families, seeing the decline of the pureblood famlies have started to step into the void left by the decline of the Ralstons and Elways.



Never incredibly common in Lorado the few Yorker gangs that operate in the Fort Dedstop surrounds tend to keep to themselves.

full dead.png


The mountains and Overgrowth hide lots of caverns, bunkers and vaults. From some of these came the areas small population of Full dead. While not a common site they are none the less a known part of the varied population of Lorado.



Originally from the pods and bunkers scattered around Lorado the Semper Mortis comprise a small but tight nit community in the Fort Dedstop area.



New and a bit untrusted in many of the outlying areas the Tainted have none the less integrated into many of the populations of Fort Dedstop and surrounding areas.



Always populous in the Faith rich Lorado area the Accensorites of the Overgrowth continue to live and practice their faith with the passion of their strain. The recent bloom of new Accensorites has some asking what has changed that reflects faith so much more strongly in the people of the Overgrowth.



Never common in the Lorado Area the children of the Mortis Amaranthine these strange folk none the less form a part of the colorful tapestry of the Overgrowth peoples.



Few make it down to Lorado from the Icy North but those that do tend to form lasting impressions on the peoples of the Overgrowth and its surrounding communities.



Outside of the occasional drift-in, the tattooed Baywalkers are a rare sight in the Lorado area. These teachers and explorers are most heavily concentrated in the Lake side community of Man-2.



These water bound folk are scares in the Lorado region but still find homes among the waterways and lakes in the Overgrowth. The largest population are concentrated in the Lake side community of Man-2.