If you're interested in becoming a paid writer for Dystopia Rising: [Branch], please read through the information below and then submit a sample module writing piece below. The sample module should include how many and what sort of Cast you need and should also include a summary of the module. If you wish to see a sample module before writing your own sample, please contact us at drco.immersivedesign@gmail.com.

Writer Guidelines

Writers are expected to make deadlines. You can be the best writer in the world and if you don't make deadline, then we can't use your materials. Writers who are late with their materials will not be re-hired in the future.

Writers should focus on horror at Dystopia Rising Colorado. Writing horror-inspired modules is key at Dystopia Rising: Colorado. If you need help with the horror genre, take a look at a few horror movies and think of how it would be best to incorporate it into a module.

Writers CANNOT submit multiple-chapter story arcs without telling us that this is occurring and talking with other local directors. If you wish to create a cross-branch story, you MUST inform us ahead of time before writing. Any failure to do so will mean that you will not be contracted again.

Writers should write modules so that anyone can run them. Each module should be written in such a fashion that an ops marshal or rules marshal can look at the module and then be able to run it during game, assigning Cast roles, setting up the module site, etc.